Blockade By Allan Prior

James meets with an agent in a Liverpool tavern.

He is looking for a ship which will supply weapons and medicines to Wilmington in the Confederate states of America and in return there is a lucrative cargo of cotton for him to ship back to England. This is a very risky venture, but the rewards are very high as there is a dire shortage of cotton for the Lancashire mills because of the American Civil War. This has been causing business failure, unemployment and hardship.

The Yankee naval blockade would have to be broken through both there and back. Although it would mean a huge profit, James at first hesitates but decides to risk it.

Albert Frazer decides to take passage too as a result of his revelations about "his" son. He has had an offer of work in the new world.

Anne wants to accompany James also, she gets her way.

After taking aboard a shady character who is to act as a pilot and guide through the blockade, things take a turn for the worst.

Will the voyage be a success?