Homecoming by Barry Thomas.
Description by Viv Dodd

Anne is in the new house and James returns to find her with a visitor - Michael Adams - whom Anne had thought was to marry her before he sailed away four years previously.

The parasol that James has bought for Anne is forgotten as James shows his obvious jealousy and goes after Adams to return his pipe.
James mentions the visitor to Albert, several times, and Albert informs Elizabeth that James is bitten by the `Green eyed monster'.

James signs Adams as a crewman to the Cape Verde Islands and Anne says she is sailing as well.

Adams is recognized by a former shipmate, Bethel, who had sailed with him on the Star of Morn and whose mate, Bucko Roberts, had been beaten to death by a group of the crew, including Adams, who had been the focus of the mate's bullying. Thinking they were wanted murderers, Adams had jumped ship before he knew that the captain had covered up the event and there was nothing for him to answer to.

Baines and the crew become aware of Anne and Adams often seen talking together but James tries to make light of it when Baines tells him. Adams tells Anne that he believed himself to be a murderer and was not able to return to Liverpool and Anne. His conscience still troubles him, however and he writes out a confession of what actually happened that he wants Bethel to sign.

As Anne and James lie in bed she reproaches him for acting as if he did not want her on the voyage and James states that he is jealous and points out that had Adams returned just six months ago, before they were married, she would have had no need for him as a husband.

The ship suddenly jolts as the coal shifts and all crew are called on deck. Bethel and Adams are put on the Downton pump and Adams takes the opportunity to try to force Bethel's confession again. They fight and Bethel goes overboard.

James is moving coal but Anne sees it as she tells James when the ship is righted again. Anne is torn between justice for Bethel and for Adams. Adams also is troubled and tells James, `I was responsible for George Bethel's death'

James shouts,' Oh this is the man that you'd have married. Such a burning desire for justice, you'd be a cinder by now. What d'you want me to do? Clap you in irons so that you can sleep for the rest of the voyage?'

`Bethel was right, your only concern is for your cargo and your ship,' Adams accuses.
 James, 'Four wasted years and now you itch to waste another seven eh? Or maybe hang. Just look on that voyage and this and you might consider that justice of a kind has been done. If it is justice you want. If its punishment, you'll find more of that on the Downton pump than hanging in chains'. James leaves the saloon to wash the coal dust off. Adams says to Anne,'I said you deserved a better man than I and you've found him'

Anne follows James on deck as he is accidentally doused by a bucket of sea water.

As he joins in with the crews banter, Anne says to him, `Being a sailor's wife is not as simple as I thought - at home or at sea - but I'm learning James'