Race for power By Cyril Abraham

James reaches Foochow first, but finds out that Fogarty has another ship ready and loaded, and that as soon as the Pandora arrives he will change over to that ship and captain her home. This will get him back to Liverpool before his rival.

Baines, however, advises his captain that the monsoon is about to begin, and he reckons Fogarty will get caught up in it. Baines has some tricks up his sleeve though, and believes he can help Onedin get the Osbourne home before Fogarty's ship. Emma is not happy about the situation onboard ship, and threatens to go ashore, but her husband tells her that he will sail whether she is back aboard or not, proving that he is now the power behind Callon and Company, and will no longer tolerate her tantrums.

On her way to Albert's mother alone, Elizabeth takes a short cut through a deserted wood and is accosted by Jessop, who is on the run, having broken out of prison.

She helps him escape and takes him in, much to Albert's displeasure. However, Elizabeth convinces him to help him escape to Ireland as stoker on his steamship but during the voyage he is badly injured by a  burst steam pipe.

Albert has to order the captain to return to Liverpool, where Jessop is quickly recaptured. Albert Fraser promises he will ensure that he is represented at court by the best lawyer he can employ.

James, meanwhile, passes Fogarty's ship, the Viper which is becalmed. The Osbourne being superior in light wind conditions.

A storm turns the tables again though, and James falls behind. Emma tries to convince Fogarty to throw the race, to prove his love for her, but Daniel cannot. When James catches the Viper up, it seems that perhaps she has prevailed upon her husband to do as she asked, as he simply watches the Osbourne sail by.

However, on the point of winning the race, first into port, Anne goes into labour and James, anxious to get her to a doctor as quickly as possible, and for once heedless of profit or personal gain, refuses to stop to take on the pilot, continuing straight on into port unaccompanied. This contravenes harbour regulations, and so it looks as if Fogarty will win the race by default.

Mitchell, however, cares little about harbour rules, and declares Onedin the winner. Delighted, James has regained control of his company. However, his joy is short-lived, as he returns home to find his wife dead in childbirth, and instead of the son he had hoped and prayed for, and that she had wanted to give him, he now has a daughter.