James named the port he established in South America after his captain "Port Baines"

For a while trade was good and money was being made, then one day the military forcibly seized his property - there has been a change of political leaders in the country...James is held captive.

Meanwhile Robert is fretting, not knowing what troubles are brewing, hoping the Port Baines project will help raise some much needed money for his new shop.

James escapes from his captivity and is rescued by Baines, there was another ship in port at the time which has fled for England, a steamer. They must try to return home first in the sailing ship before the bad news reaches the bank, James has large loans secured on his South American interests, he could be ruined.

The mysterious Thomas Macaulay  from Australia comes to Liverpool, very rich with "money to burn". Robert solves his money problems by getting him to invest in the new shop...a decision he later comes to regret.


Letty Gaunt is worried about how fast Charlotte is growing up. With Elizabeth's help she find a good boarding school for her to go to, James can afford it.

Steamship is faster, but only by a couple of hours, still too late the bad news travels fast. The bank forecloses on Onedin's ships.

James tells Letty the situation, so there will be no expensive school for Charlotte. He has to make some money fast or lose everything.

His six ships have restraining orders placed on them, but he manages to sneak them out of port and out of the bank's grasp....