Episode description: Viv Dodd.  
Another favourite of mine as we see James relaxed and willing to pay some attention to Anne. James (or Peter Gilmore) is also allowed to show some humour

Albert  shows off his steam Pinnacle to Sulleman - a Turkish minister - who invites him to go to Turkey to inspect a steam engine well in advance of its time.

Albert persuades James that the trip would help him to redesign their developing steamer, the Golden Nugget and James agrees to take him in return for a cargo of Turkish tobacco. Elizabeth refuses to go but Anne sets sail.

Anne is amused by Baines' over enticing description of the Turkish maidens and their `silky pantaloons' vividly portrayed to the rest of the crew and James attention is drawn to it.

At home, Emma Callon is feeling `rushed' into marriage but Elizabeth's opinion is that she appears frightened of men.

Albert, James and Anne are welcomed to the hospitality of the Turks by Sulleman and Sir Charles - the representative of the British government. Handmaidens are allocated to see to the needs of all but when Anne enters to find James being undressed for his bath by a group of females she dismisses them and James insists she see to her wifely duties by preparing him.

Albert becomes besotted with one of the girls - Leyla but Sulleman confesses that there is no revolutionary steam engine for Albert to see but he wishes him to stay and develop steam ships for the Turkish navy. Religious fundamentalists are plotting against the Sultan and Sulleman's western views but Albert, enticed by Leyla, tells James he is going to stay in Turkey.

Sir Charles warns James that the religious fanatics are showing displeasure at Albert's appointment and that a strong Turkish navy could threaten British trade and naval interests.

Whilst aboard ship James, Anne and Baines have a visitor from the past - Fletcher - one of Jessop's seamen's council that had been imprisoned. He tells them of the eruption of the volcano on Santorin which had now interrupted the supply of pumice, used to waterproof the cement used for the Suez Canal. A large amount of money would be made by any captain willing to sail to the island and he knew how to get there and where a steamship could be acquired. He would act as guide - for a cut of the profits. James agrees.

Anne and James call in to see Albert before they sail and James tries to persuade him to return with them `Have you considered Elizabeth?'  Elizabeth has written to say that she will not join Albert and he says (almost prophesying what is going to happen) `You, Anne, you'd follow James through hell and high water. You'd die for him and so would he for you but Elizabeth, well she will always do what is best for Elizabeth'.

James and Anne head for Santorin by steamship whilst Baines is left to load the cargo of tobacco on the Charlotte Rhodes. Both are fascinated by the ship's steam engine but James is not entirely enamoured `What happens if yer engine breaks down? Wait for a sailing ship to come by?' - they soon get the chance to see as silence descends aboard and James says to Anne in exasperation `I can see us drifting for ever. Never seeing land again. Steamships!!'.

Meanwhile Sulleman is murdered by the religious fanatics with a plot to blame Albert but Leyla has him drugged and smuggled aboard the Charlotte Rhodes with orders for  Baines to sail immediately.

Santorin erupts as James waits for a load of pumice and he has to sail away for their safety but they leave Fletcher on the island, injured and crawling into the sea.