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The Onedin Line a BBC television drama series that ran from 1971 to 1980. The series was created by Liverpudlian, Cyril Abraham. The story of the Onedin Line began in his native Liverpool, the first episode being set in 1860 "The Wind Blows Free". Captain James Onedin inherits the smallest part of his late fathers estate - just 25.00. He marries Anne Webster in order to gain ownership of a schooner lying semi-derelict in the harbour, the Charlotte Rhodes, which is owned by Anne's alcoholic father. But the marriage turns out to be one of true love after all, James and Anne becomes a powerful partnership.

Originally screened as a one-off BBC Drama Playhouse production transmitted on the 7th December 1970. No recording of this now exists, the story is basically the same as the first episode of series 1 that was later transmitted on the 15th October 1971. More details here: 

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Series 1
15 October 1971 - 21 January 1972

15 episodes
1       The Wind Blows Free
2       Plain Sailing
3       Other Points of the Compass
4       High Price
5       Catch as Can
6       Salvage
7       Passage to Pernambuco
8       The Homecoming
9       When My Ship Comes Home
10     A Very Important Passenger
11     Mutiny
12     Cry of the Blackbird
13     Shadow of Doubt
14     Blockade
15     Winner Take All 

Series 2
17 September - 31 December 1972

14 episodes
16     The Hard Case
17     Pound and Pint
18     A Woman Alone
19     Fetch and Carry
20     Yellow Jack
21     Survivor
22     Coffin Ship
23     ‘Frisco Bound
24     Beyond the Upper Sea
25     An Inch of Candle
26     Goodbye, Goodbye
27     Bloody Week
28     The Challenge
29     Race for Power




Series 3
21 October 1973 - 27 January 1974

13 episodes
30     The Ship Devils
31     The Stranger
32     Echoes from Afar
33     Amazon Cargo
34     Danger Level
35     Black Gold
36     Law of the Fist
37     Ice and Fire
38     A Proposal of Marriage
39     Over the Horizon
40     The Silver Caddy
41     Port Out, Starboard Home
42     The Passenger 

Series 4
25 April - 27 June 1976

10 episodes
43     Loss of the Helen May
44     A Cold Wind Blowing
45     Not Wanted on Voyage
46     Undercurrent
47     Quarantine
48     Uncharted Island
49     A Clear Conscience
50     Shipwreck
51     The Gamble
52     Month of the Albatross

Series 5
26 June - 28 August 1977

10 episodes
53     When Troubles Come
54     Rescue
55     Coffin Ships
56     The Trade Winds
57     The Stowaway
58     Dead Man’s Cargo
59     A Hard Life
60     The Hostage
61     Uncharted Waters
62     A Close Run Thing

Series 6
16 July - 17 September 1978

10 episodes
63     No Smoke Without Fire
64     Collision Course
65     Double Dealers
66     Stand by to Go About
67     The Upright Man
68     The Reverend’s Daughter
69     Highly Explosive
70     A Sea of Troubles
71     Men of Honour
72     The Fortune Hunters 

Series 7
22 July - 23 September 1979

10 episodes
73     Liverpool Bound
74     The Homecoming
75     The Paddy Westers
76     Dirty Cargo
77     To Honour and Obey
78     Running Free
79     The Suitor
80     Storm Clouds
81     Outward Bound
82     Homeward Bound 

Series 8
31 August - 26 October 1980

9 episodes
83     A Royal Return
84     Revenge
85     Blood Ties
86     The Honeymoon
87     Jonah’s Luck
88     The Price of Pride
89     Vengeance
90     Guilty - In All Innocence
91     A Long Way Home


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Onedin Line Actors and Character Names (no particular order underlined names are links to more information)

James Onedin 

Peter Gilmore

Anne Webster/Onedin (James Onedin's 1st wife in series 1971 1972) Anne Stallybrass
Letty Gaunt Onedin (James Onedin's 2nd wife)  Jill Gascoine
Margarita Juarez/Onedin (James Onedin's 3rd wife)  Roberta Iger

Elizabeth Onedin/Frazer/Lady Fogarty 

Jessica Benton

Robert Onedin  Brian Rawlinson
Robert Onedin  James Garbutt
Sarah Onedin  Mary Webster
Samuel Onedin Christopher Douglas

Daniel Fogarty 

Michael Billington

Daniel Fogarty  

Tom Adams

Albert Frazer 

Philip Bond

William Frazer  Marc Harrison

Thomas Callon 

Edward Chapman

Charlotte Onedin 

Laura Hartong

Captain Webster (Anne's father) 

James Hayter

Max Van Der Rheede 

Frederick Jaeger

Tom Arnold 

Keith Jayne

Captin Baines 

Howard Lang

Leonora Biddulph 

Kate Nelligan

Jack Frazer

John Phillips


John Rapley


Linus Roache

Emma Callon 

Pamela Salem

Emma Callon 

Jane Seymour

Seth Burgess 

Michael Walker

Edmund Callon 

James Warwick

Caroline Onedin (Samuel's second wife) 

Jenny Twigge


John Wentworth

Mrs Gibson (Housekeeper for James)  Patricia Prior
Josiah Beaumont  Warren Clarke
Caroline Maudsley Caroline Harris
Thomas Macaulay Ed Devereaux

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