Catch as Can By Alun Richards

Episode description by:
Viv Dodd 

James sails home to yet more money problems. Elizabeth cannot decide whether to marry Frazer or Fogarty.

James returns from La Rochelle. After a storm, part of the cargo for Watsons is damaged and this is used as an excuse for them to tell James he will no longer have their trade but he is told the real reason is that Callon is warning businesses not to deal with the Onedin Line or risk losing Callon's business.

James brings Anne a fan from the market in La Rochelle and gives it her with little fuss. She is touched by the gesture and it is another sign of the growing affection between them.
Albert Frazer invites James and Anne to a weekend at his Aunt's house - providing James can persuade Elizabeth to attend as well. James realizes what an asset his sister could be in creating a link between a shipping company and ship builders like Frazers.
The `home' that Anne has made in the warehouse is spartan and rat infested so a weekend away is tempting for her although
she is suspicious of the importance of Elizabeth's attendance. Elizabeth is pining for Daniel Fogarty and amused by the attentions of Albert Frazer although aware that she is expecting Fogarty's baby.

As they are preparing to leave for Aunt Letitia's, James cannot find Baines and realizes he has been `crimped' by a San Francisco bound American clipper significantly trading with Callon and his son Edmund.
As James leaves to get Baines back - with a gun - Anne asks `would you come after me?' `Well that depends.' `Depends on what?' Anne asks. `Depends on what you'd taken with you,' James says with a smile. Their growing love and dependence on one another is then shown as Anne hugs James and says, 'take care you suddenly seem so small - precious to me.'

James and one other crew member take the Charlotte Rhodes to intercept the American ship before she leaves British waters and after some dangerous sailing, get the attention of the pilot who demands the American captain allows James aboard. Baines has been beaten and is on the rigging but James demands he is brought down and allowed to sign his name which he is able to after Anne's teaching.

Fogarty storms into Aunt Letitia's causing upset and Elizabeth shows her disgust at him. She and Anne return home and Elizabeth's state is confirmed to Anne who tells Robert.

James and Baines return safely but who is going to tell James of his sister's condition?